Friday, January 1, 2010

End of the Year Wrap-up...

Apparently it has been since mid-November that I have managed to sit down and blog about anything (although I did think about it many times, I promise!). So I am going to attempt to cover the last 6 weeks of the year in one big post. Here goes...

Thanksgiving: Usually we go to my parents house in St Louis, but none of us really felt like making that long drive this year. Instead, we went to visit Bobby's family in Lafayette for the day. The three of us and Bobby's dad hit the road around 8 am and were home by 4 in the afternoon. All of us had a good time, especially Reilly. He had some bigger cousins to play with, and he got to meet his newest cousin, Juliette. Her mama Sarah was nice enough to let him hold her and I think that was the highlight of the day for him! He also had fun being silly in an elephant mask that he found.

Holding baby Juliette

Looking cute in an elephant mask and a crown made by his great-aunt Sharon

Hanukkah: We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in our house. This year the first night of Hanukkah was December 11. Every night, Reilly would help me light the menorah, and he got a present on the first and last nights (since we also do xmas, I thought 8 nights of gifts would be overdoing it!). He was so excited to see all the candles lit on the last night! He had asked me every previous night when we could light them's so hard to be patient when you're 3 years old!

Excited on the last night of Hanukkah

Other Miscellaneous December events:

-December 12, Reilly and I went to a breakfast with Santa, along with his friend Kamron and Kamron's mom. Reilly had lots of fun and I am SO glad he's not scared of Santa!

-December 18, Reilly had his class party at school. All the kids were so excited and so cute eathing their lunches and chattering about what Santa was going to bring them!

-December 18, I took Reilly to Disney Live. Sawyer and Will (his friends from school) and their mom Muffin went with us. Reilly's eyes were big as saucers when Mickey came on the stage and he was mesmerized by the whole show!

Chatting with Kamron at Breakfast with Santa

Meeting the big guy himself

Enjoying a cupcake at his class party

Christmas: Bobby's mom came in for Christmas, like she usually does. She came in a few days before the big day so we had time to do some other fun stuff while she was here. We saw The Princess and The Frog (loved it!), went and saw the Christmas lights in Lafreniere Park, and did a little shopping. Reilly even spent a night with her at the hotel!
Christmas Eve, she spent the night at our house, and Bobby's dad came over early on Christmas Day. We actually had to wake Reilly up, and he was all excited when he saw that Santa had come! We all got wonderful presents, had a yummy breakfast and dinner, and just spent the day relaxing. (pictures to come in a separate post)
And finally...New Years Eve: This was actually kind of a non-event this year. Bobby took his dad to the Capital One Bowl in Orlando, and their flight left at 5:30 AM on New Years Day. Bobby, Reilly and I went out for an early dinner, then came home and watched a movie. Bobby and Reilly were both asleep by 11, and I was not far behind them. I guess my days of crazy New Years Eve celebrations are long gone!
So welcome to 2010! I hope this is a great year for everyone!